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This is the diary of our journey to have a Maybe – as in Maybe Baby, geddit? .. sigh, sorry the jokes will get better, I promise.

I haven’t published this blog until now because in some ways it's as much about helping me as informing anyone else.

At the end of last year, Keith and I decided that while we wouldn’t try for a baby, we certainly wouldn’t do anything to stop a child coming our way. Things didn’t really seem to happen though, and I was starting to wonder if there wasn’t more to the story than just bad timing.

20 vials of blood later and I had an answer.

I tested positive for the MTHFR C677T heterozygous gene mutation.

Simply put, this gene is responsible for absorbing folate, and symptoms of this particular gene mutation include recurrent miscarriage due, it would seem, to the formation of tiny blood clots in places you wouldn’t want them ... like the umbilical cord.

Since making this discovery I have added “baby” aspirin to my daily dose of folic acid and life goes on as it was before, waiting to see if the stars align and the Gods smile.

Hopefully, this blog will soon chart the progress of a carefully managed pregnancy. As well as helping me stay sane, I hope this blog might help other women faced with unwelcome news they cannot change.

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