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I went to see a lovely consultant last month to try and move things along on the maybe front.

Looking at my test results he suggested that I take Clomid for a few months. I’m pretty new to all this, like most women I spent the last decade trying not to get pregnant assuming when I wanted to, it would happen on demand, so Clomid wasn’t really something I had heard of before now. For the uninitiated, Clomid ‘forces’ ovulation, which is useful for consultants because it means they can know with some degree of certainty when you’re going to pop an egg and book any scans they want to do.

Unfortunately my BUPA ran out of budget, so instead of the planned scan, I was reduced to buying one of those ovulation kits and peeing on a stick for 7 days instead. Not nearly as sophisticated, but a dead heat on the “things you’d rather avoid” scale. It turns out that I’m ovulating just fine though, which is great because it’s one less question mark.

The only other thing to consider is the fact that Clomid leads to an increased instance of twins. I’m not sure if I’m ready for two mini Keiths running about the place!

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