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I cycle to work every day. 

So far, my sustainable commute has destroyed a high end smart phone, a pair of leather ankle boots (thank you torrential autumn downpour), I have been thrown into rocks by the wind (that one was maybe due to a cheeky Friday vino after work), I have been bawled out by runners unable to understand the concept of a "shared pathway", I have thrown myself into a hedge to avoid a commuter stepping off a bus without looking, and repeated "excuse me" about 5,000 times to people wearing headphones.

I do this along a route where a perfectly functional bus with heating and seats will take me door to door for the princely sum of $9 a day.

If you were to ask me if there was a good reason why I do this, I would tell you that there were four:

1. I have three young children who would kick my ass if I didn't maintain some level of fitness
2. I'm fast approaching middle age
3. I like to eat
4. I'm Mediterranean

Taken individually, these are all valid reasons to exercise, taken together and I'm all "Dude! Sign me the hell up!"

What does this have to do with Nil Food Wraps?

Just think of them as the bicycle.

I promise you this: You will never look out of my front door during a howling southerly and think that cycling to work is the easy option, and you will never look at a Nil Food Wrap and start itching to throw out your cling wrap.

But without wanting to venture too far down Preachy Street, there is something about having children that makes you wonder what sort of world you want to leave behind, and in my case, it is a world that isn't liberally scattered with plastic tumble-weed.

In my house, cling wrap was mostly used to cover leftovers before they go into the fridge which means that Nil Food Wraps have been an easy transition. They smell lush, they are locally made, organic, antibacterial and they have a lifespan of about four months.

If that doesn't convince you, just think how good it'll make your backside look ... no wait, that's the bicycle.

I was sent a Nil Food Wrap free to review. The opinions expressed are my own, in all their glory. I shouldn't have to tell you that, clearly nobody would actually pay me to express views like this.

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