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At the end of last week we received our third Little Ones Pack from My Care Pack

Well I'm going to assume we received it rather than it appearing by osmosis, but I can’t be sure because by the time I got home from work, there was nothing left but shreds of blue tissue paper and a box that looked as if it had been opened by an impatient Wolverine. 

I'm actually slightly gutted to have missed the grand opening of our last Little Ones Pack, I had begun to look forward to the bundle of small children peering over and under each other to discover what surprises lay inside their parcel.

Because in reality, that is what this service offers you; a selection of surprises your children will love and which are outside of their normal range of entertainment.  

The theme this month was Me & My Jungle Friends which we thought was pretty broad, and in some cases a matter of perspective:

Bamboo Jungle Whistle - This whistle is about as far from my friend as it is possible to get. Imagine the noise and feeling of your head reaching boiling point and splitting apart from the pressure of steam and you will be halfway to understanding the effect this whistle has on me in the hands of a three year old. I am only vaguely aware of the cute elephant head, or good quality finish because all I can focus on is the pain being inflicted on me as my fillings vibrate in time with my daughter’s "music". She, on the other hand, thinks this whistle is her new favourite thing which just proves my point that perspective is everything.

Jungle Notes and Scented Markers - I have a slight philosophical argument with any marker that actively encourages children to sniff it; but then I am of the generation when Magic Markers really did make you see magical things so perhaps I'm prejudiced. Anything involving drawing is a winner with my children so potential drug addiction aside, this has been a big – and pleasantly silent – hit with everyone. 

Giant Neon Snake - This is the second plastic snake to join the family but it seems to have magical powers. Rather than join the rest of the plastic menagerie buried in one of the bedroom drawers, I now come home to the eldest two children marching round the lounge, each holding a snake who seem to be chatting to each other about their latest adventure. I am half convinced that this new snake may have found a way to possess my children into being a surrogate pair of legs, and if that’s the case, long may it last! Any creature that inspires the children to create adventures and play nicely together is welcome to stay as long as it likes. In fact, I need to find a way to strap a third snake onto the toddler.

Seedling Tiger Mask - I'm a real sucker for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you've ever seen it, you’ll remember a scene where the main characters steal masks from a dime store and I was always struck with the fact that those masks looked like they were made to last. So went my meandering thought process when I first held this mask and realised it was very much spawned from the same philosophy. This mask is actually paper mache, and unless your children have strong necks and odd shaped faces, it will probably do better as an ornament: Ours is currently hanging above a bed looking artistic, although I am counting down the day until one of the children decides to use it for target practice. 

Alive Foods Banana Frooze Balls - These are amazing. Not just amazing-for-healthy-food, but flat out ah-mezzin. There were five balls in the bag so naturally this was pudding one day and while this seemed like an amazing idea at the time, I slightly underestimated the sheer volume of woe that would come crashing down around me when the children realised they were all gone. If you ever get the chance to buy these be warned, one is never enough.

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And you can receive 20% off your first months pack by using coupon code: MUNCHLOVE

I was sent a Little Ones pack from My Care Pack free to review. The opinions expressed are my own, in all their glory. I shouldn't have to tell you that, clearly nobody would actually pay me to express views like this.

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