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It would appear that my children learn faster than Pavlov’s dog that a blue and white chevron box means mystery treats.

At the end of last week we received our second Little Ones Pack  from My Care Pack. 

You remember My Care Pack from last month right?  You give them $34.99 a month and in return, they select some Kiwi made products they think you will love and send them over lovingly wrapped and boxed. It’s the kind of surprise, mystery mail you want to find on your doorstep. 

The theme this month was Creative Minds and as far as themes go, it was the perfect antidote to Christmas. After spending a few weeks wallowing in passive consumption we were desperately in need of something to kick start the year.

This month, our minds were stimulated by:

Seedling My Pet Rocks  – I know what you’re thinking, but this is not just any rock. It’s a clay kit that comes with a veritable smorgasbord of accessories to create your very own personalised pet amorphous lump. In the case of our household, the two eldest are going to end up with pet pebbles and I’m going to end up with a carpet full of glitter, but this activity is very much in the vein of Ugly Mugs and I always was a sucker for them. 

Origami Paper – This is going to be used for one to two things; either Esme is going to turn it into confetti, as she does with every other piece of paper, or Alfie is going to spend five minutes trying to make a paper plane before he loses his mind. Either way, I suspect we are not going to see a vast swathe of carefully folded cranes appearing any time soon.

Elliotts Reviver Gold Kiwifruit Juice – I’ll be honest with you here, the children saw none of this drink, mainly because me and their father decided that we were in far greater need of detoxification and … well we just wanted it. It was tasty, and I felt instantly less jaded although that might be because I got to drink it without hearing three children wail at how the others had a larger share than they did. 

Tiger Tribe Super Clay Mini Tubs – These are some kind of awesome. Self-contained and with one for each of the biggies it means no arguing and they are simple enough that once the baby is either distracted or asleep, they can be constructed with minimal supervision. I know the makers claim they are non-toxic but I don’t want to watch the toddler trying to poop out 40g of brightly coloured clay, ok?

So is it good value for money?

I stand by my last opinion that if you are on a tight budget, you probably wouldn't go hungry to be able to afford this service. If, however you want to buy a gift that keeps on giving you should definitely look at subscribing.

This would be perfect as a birthday gift from a relative, or parent who wants to look like a hero every month even when they sometimes forget to make lunches for school until five minutes before the school run.

It becomes better value for money with a few children in the house because the contents are totally shareable, even with a variety of ages because you can use the activities in an age appropriate way.

I was sent a Little Ones pack from My Care Pack free to review. The opinions expressed are my own, in all their glory. I shouldn't have to tell you that, clearly nobody would actually pay me to express views like this.

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