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When the good folk at Kiwi Mummy Blogs asked me to review a Little Ones Pack from My Care Pack, they asked me the ages of the children and told me to keep an eye on my mailbox.

I thought it was all a little secret squirrel to be honest.

And what is this Care Pack of which you speak?

Well it turns out to be the reason my children are going to be stalking the mailbox every month.

Do you remember how exciting it was to get a parcel in the mail when you were a child?

I do!

Actually, I got excited over pretty much anything that arrived in the post, especially history magazines and part of that excitement was never quite knowing what I was going to find when I ripped open the envelope.

I think if I had received one of these every month my head might have exploded because a whole box? Filled with stuff chosen especially to make me happy? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY (PARENT'S) MONEY!

That said, the service costs $34.99 / month (with free shipping) so the big question is this: Is it worth it?

The theme of the Little Ones Pack this month was Bach Time Fun.

(That’s beach type stuff for you non locals)

And, this month, that fun was provided by:

Touchable Bubbles – if you reached inside the mind of my toddler and searched through her list of life demands you could not have nailed a better choice for her than touchable bubbles. Her mind is officially blown; which for an activity I can do from the comfort of the sofa with a cup of coffee is worth its weight in gold.

Disney Frozen Invisible Ink Colouring Book – If you had reached inside MY mind and searched through a list of my life demands, you could not have nailed a better choice. A book that is about my daughter’s favourite film, and that allows her to indulge in her favourite pastime while also preventing my walls from looking like she’s indulging in her favourite pastime? I cannot think of a way that life could get better.

Summertime Sand Castle Shapes – Living next to the sea, we keep a bag of beach toys in the car and these will make a worthy addition. They’re sturdy versions of the classic sandcastle. If you don’t live near the beach I’m going to put my neck on the line and say you could make a cracking jelly castle with these bad boys. And who doesn’t like a bit of culinary irony?

Hinklet Christmas Sticker Activity Book – This book is pitched perfectly for my tribe, I just know it will keep them entertained for hours. By "entertained" I of course mean peeling each and every sticker from the backing and placing them carefully on my dining table where they will fuse with the varnish and make me wonder how medieval I can go before I need to call a French Polisher. Not your fault My Care Pack, not your fault, God loves a trier.

Horners Candy Cane – At first glance it may seem stingy to give one candy cane to a family of three children, but this candy cane was made for giants. I’m not sure yet whether I will smash it into pieces, or prise it from successive death grips in order to share it round, but either way, good times.

Beach Wacky Wahu – I have no idea whether my children would have got any value from this, because it was stolen on sight by my husband. So far he has avoided a repeat of his previous indoor ball miscalculation and resulting hefty glass bill, so I’m going to put this down as a family success. I suspect this will eventually join the bag of beach toys if for no other reason than to stop the dog turning it into a chew toy.

So is it good value for money?

If you are on a tight budget, you probably wouldn't go hungry to be able to afford this service. If, however you want to buy a gift that keeps on giving you should definitely look at subscribing.

This would be perfect as a birthday gift from a relative, or parent who wants to look like a hero every month even when they sometimes forget to make lunches for school until five minutes before the school run.

It becomes better value for money with a few children in the house because the contents are totally shareable.

In theory.

Don’t get up in my grill if your children claw at each other over who gets the candy cane.

I was sent a Little Ones pack from My Care Pack free to review. The opinions expressed are my own, in all their glory. I shouldn't have to tell you that, clearly nobody would actually pay me to express views like this.

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