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Today there are more questions than answers: About how I parent, about how I live, about how I work. 

Just ... questions ... and no answers in sight.

So while the world is drawing in a deep, collective breath, I will simply share a blue coloured aeroplane with you: Alfie's latest masterpiece borne of his latest obsession.

And I will tell you about how he camps out in front of the TV every morning, drinking in each detail of the latest Air Crash Investigation

That he quietly eats breakfast afterwards, processing the details of what went wrong and how a plane came back down to earth.

And how he goes, full bellied, to his Lego table, or gathers up paper and paint, and recreates his own record of events, quietly and with purpose, until he is sure that he can retell the story with accuracy.

I feel like I am the only person who sees magic in this small gesture of respect, but see it I do.

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