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Last week, I looked down at my beeping phone to see a photo of my son holding a guitar. Not Keith's guitar as I had first assumed, but a different guitar, a new guitar .... his own guitar.

I can't even describe the noise that escaped from my mouth at that moment; because I'd had two very painful thoughts.

Children need to play musical instruments

Firstly have you heard what a five stringed, un-tuned acoustic guitar sounds like in the hands of an untrained four year old? 

Secondly I suspected (correctly as it turned out) that I might end up having to throw myself between a swinging guitar and a little sister in moments of extreme tiredness and frustration.

In some ways I can’t really blame him: There’s nothing more annoying when you are busy creating interpretive music than having to bat away your little sister’s persistent hands.

But then as I pointed out to Alfie, using his guitar as a weapon was only going to hurt him because I don’t care how good Japanese build quality is, I’ll bet the farm that it’s no match for my daughter.


How do other parents get through that difficult musical learning curve? Is there a technique to smiling through the pain as your fillings hit resonant frequency?

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  1. Haha! I'm just picturing it all. I guess we'll be facing this sooner than we think. One daughter is 3 next month and the other is 3 months old now. I want them to have music in their lives but when/how for our sanity? :)

    1. It gives me a new found respect for my parents who had to endure three lots of recorder and stringed instrument learning. I once went to my little sister's Christmas concert and I left feeling like I had given myself a facial with a porcupine. Strangely though I don't remember too much pain from listening to them practice so I suspect if we survive introducing our children to music, we'll block it out in old age ;)


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