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The single biggest problem in my household today is parenting my children with a straight face.

Why bother? You may ask, why not laugh and smile and dance a merry jig?

To those people I present Exhibit A: My elder daughter.

She’s two going on FUCKYOU!! and does not appreciate the humour she brings to our lives on a daily basis.

Peeling a banana with a knife, my fierce daughter

Oh yes, she is trying to peel a banana with a table knife.

Because she couldn't persuade it to open with her hands and FUCKYOU I don’t need any help!

I’ll be honest here, I love every passionate explosion that comes from her determined little mouth.

When I have to hide my face to stop her from seeing the tears of laughter rolling down my face it’s not because I’m belittling her, it’s because she sets my world on fire with her rock solid view of fairness, and equality, and the sheer energy of her personality.

She is utterly fierce and I adore her for it.


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  1. How lovely, I really enjoyed reading this….. I have to hide my laughter from my 1 year old at times!

    1. Thank you! Does your one year old take it really personally when they see you laughing?


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