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I’m not sure when it happened. 

I just know that I looked down at Miss Olive the other day and saw how much our nursing relationship had changed.

Where before she stared into my eyes, now she looks around, taking in the world.

Where once she fed hungrily, now her pace is musing, languorous.

I am no longer her world, but I am still her safe haven. My nearly-not-baby uses our nursing sessions as time to reflect and observe.

In truth I think the nursing is more of an afterthought, second to time in my arms.

But she is my child and I will take that time gratefully because whatever it gives to her, it gives to me as well.


  1. Gorgeous.

  2. I just love this! Can't wait to read more

    1. Back atcha! Your little one is dreamy! It's wonderful seeing motherhood through a new mama's eyes so thank you for commenting, I'll be following your journey from now on :)


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