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This is absolutely my least favourite part of having babies.
When I was pregnant with Alfie I remember the luscious thick flowing locks that women are supposed to have as some kind of cosmic pay off for months of bone crushing tiredness and sickness.
With the girls, not so much.
With them I had thick hair, yes, but it was prone to somehow be both frizzy and greasy and was best ignored in case it came out fighting. Even my hairdresser asked me in not so many words to stop coming to see her because I was blackening her otherwise glowing reputation for hair sculpting.
One of the perks of writing a blog though is that you get to talk about the stuff that really matters and, more importantly, that nobody ever told you would happen because at least then you wouldn't lose your mind thinking you were a falling apart.
I'll keep this simple.
Ladies, 3-5 months after you've given birth - that's right, just when you are feeling a little low because your body hasn't answered your whispered prayers and pinged back into shape, you're still waking up several times a night and the novelty has PROPERLY worn off, and your skin is breaking out in zits - then, THEN your hair is going to come out in big clumps.
Because nature hates you.
This is just one pass with my brush. I would have done more for dramatic effect but it was just too depressing.
More depressing still is washing my hair and rinsing my hands of a spiderweb of shed hair again and again.
My solution has always been to get my hair cut short and to work hard at what I suppose is technically a comb over to hide the glint of scalp in the sunlight.
And this is a big thing for me because I come from a line of women with fine hair and absolutely no hairdressing skill. I hate my hair at the best of times, at the worst of times, like now, I can actually feel myself burning with shame when I see photos of temporary hairline.
But as with most pregnancy related things, this too shall pass. I won't say anything twee like the little darlings make it all worthwhile because frankly when you are sitting in a business meeting wondering if you are blinding the guy opposite with your forehead the little darlings don't figure.
The comfort of knowing that this is a temporary phase does.

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