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So today is my birthday and this year I took the bold step if buying my own gifts.
Not that Keith doesn't buy exceptional gifts, but because I wanted something very specific - I wanted some pictures by Katie M Berggren to hang above our bed.
It took me weeks to pick the prints I wanted - I knew I wanted to celebrate co sleeping, carrying and nursing - and because these are such intimate images, I wanted the ones I picked to really highlight the spark that each activity ignites in me.
The nursing image captures perfectly the look that you get between a mum and a newborn when you have the quiet and the space to notice. They give you a look as old and wise as the ages and as a mum you just drown in it.
The baby wearing image I thought was a perfect celebration of Keith and I wearing our babies. I love the look of the parents drinking in the smell of sweet baby head because there is no perfume on earth more beautiful.
And the co sleeping picture is perhaps wishful thinking on the figure, but is a perfect representation of how I sleep with Olive; one arm getting cold every night and her nuzzled into me. It will always remind me of the one downside of co sleeping too, those evil razor sharp baby nails that slice you open when they peddle in their sleep. It's the reason sleep suits come with feet, I swear.
I would recommend you take a look at her site if your walls are ever in need of some beauty. Just don't blame me if you spend the mortgage buying her entire collection.


  1. you are so sweet, Natasha, thank you so much for your very kind review, enjoy your prints!!
    Love, Katie

  2. These are so beautiful Tash, and I blame you fully for my very recent purchase!

    1. I will happily take that blame :D Which one did you get?

  3. Are you enjoying your prints? They are so full of emotion and she has some on her website that depict our family perfectly. Would you consider showing us a picture of how they look on your wall? What sizes did you go for? Lovely blog and I would like to subscribe but can't obviously see where.

    1. Hi Megan!
      I have to say, I ADORE my prints, as do my children. I got the 12 x 12 prints and they hang above my bed and make me smile on a daily basis. I'll take a photo and post it soon.

      Thank you so much for your kind works, I'd love to have to subscribe! At the top of the right hand column there are six greenish buttons. The envelope icon actually takes you to Mail Chimp which will mean you can receive posts to your inbox. The Heart icon is for Feedly, or the Blog Lovin' badge further down would also give you subscription options if you follow lots of blogs.


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