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See this? This is the latest way for me to feel like a paid up member of the Bad Mama's Club.
You remember Alfie developed a stammer recently? Well as promised it has gone as quickly as it came leaving the word "Whaaaaaa?" to chew on your very last nerve when you have repeated yourself five times over only to be met with a blank and slightly cheeky grin.

I had assumed that word was simply Alfie's way of buying time to work out what answer he wanted to give, or whether he wanted to answer at all. 

Apparently though he genuinely couldn't hear us properly.

That lump above, sitting on a 5p piece, is earwax that I saw peeking out of his ear this morning and removed with my tweezers.

In my defence, his ears are so tiny there is no way of cleaning them ... plus he's 3 ... so my original assumption could easily have been right - in fact it might still be right in part - but I do also feel a little bad for the little fella.

Next time chief, you'll get the benefit of the doubt.

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