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It’s crazy to be able to give you a name already, even crazier to see your face on screen and start to get an idea of what you will look like: Unsurprisingly you are a racing snake, like your brother and sister before you and you have the same nose as your brother.

Other things I know about you already:

You are strong: I can already feel your kicks from the outside of my belly, especially in the evening when you seem to think me sitting on the sofa for a rest is the perfect time to make your presence felt

You are feisty: Possibly the least surprising thing I could ever write about any one of my children, but reassuring to know you’ll fit right in. You weren't shy in telling the sonographer what she could do with her transducer so I’m fully expecting another child who growls in the face of authority and flattens her older brother with a well timed right hook when he forgets his place.

You are a comedian: Seriously love, did you have to stick your tongue out at us?

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