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One of the things I treasure about blogging is the ability to capture the little moments that would otherwise pass into the mists of time.

Today was the day after a magical family trip to Knebworth and I'll be honest, I was bloody jaded. I hoped the children would be kind because the thought of a high maintenance day actually had me feeling slightly hysterical.

I'm not sure if that's the point you know you've had too much tea, or not enough.

My approach was simple: Avoid the issue at all costs and just hope it goes away.

So after breakfast I set Alfie up with his new toy - a Play-Doh rubble maker thingy.

Check out how proud he is of his "roun, roun". I was almost loathe to tell him if he was after little brown pellets he could just have helped me clean out the chinchilla.

He and I played with this all morning while the baby slept on my chest. I whispered a secret thanks to him upstairs for showering me with exactly the blessing I needed.

After lunch we decided it was time for baking, which is decidedly more difficult while holding a baby in one arm so Alfie and I developed this whole three-legged race approach to mixing.

I also fixed the monkey mask, as you can see.

And once the cake was baked and cooling, we made the most incredible minestrone for dinner. I can honestly say Alfie did as much of the cooking as I did. Not that it should be as a surprise for someone with as precocious a desire for challenges as him.

And lo, we did eat, and I did video; mainly because Emmie was tired and I hoped that I might just get a glimmer of the melodrama that she does so well.

That "Ooo" mouth cracks me up every single time!

So now, if you'll excuse me, I have a soft toy to stuff and sew.


  1. Love Esme's noises at the end. Wow that's a huge feeding bottle! She nearly necked it all in one go, practising for later in life!

  2. As much as I would like to say I hope not, if she takes after her mama is may well be inevitable


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