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It has been an incredible rollercoaster so far hasn't it?

I've always enjoyed sport in a fairly detached, objective kind of way. I'm usually the one smiling as other people scream at the television, but this Olympics has sucked me in like a Dyson on a voile.

My absolute favourite moment so far is this one, because it demonstrates everything I love most about the Olympics.

The background to this clip is that Holly Bleasdale, in her first Olympic final has one more chance to clear her opening height. She is more nervous than any other person I have ever seen compete, and in desperate need of support.

The crowd gets behind her and just roars her over.

It's just a lovely moment and not one about being the best, or the brashest (Mr Lovalova, I'm looking at you), it is just about supporting a young talent to believe in herself.

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