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Honest to God I am the worst at keeping news quiet when I'm excited. When it's my news I mean, don't break into a cold sweat if you've told me something in confidence, I've probably forgotten it anyway.

So I posted a little while ago about how I went over to see the lovely Helen at Monkey Mei Tai to borrow a sling to satisfy Keith and his "we don't need no stinking buggies" attitude.

Well turns out he was right, we don't. Not when we have the most comfortable, amazing sling ever.

The sling we borrowed was fully tested on Keith and Alfie's recent 'lmpics trips and got the thumbs up.

So guess what? No never mind, you'll never guess, but I'll tell you: We're having our very own Monkey Mei Tai made!!!!!!

Oh yes, the old man caved! He might be stubborn but I have smug common sense and righteous as my wingmen!

Keith and I sat down and found fabric, chose options and the order has been officially placed.


And most amazing of all, Helen has very kindly allowed us to keep borrowing the sling in the photo until ours is ready. Which is bloody lovely of her and means I don't have to suffer 4 weeks of woes and doom because Keith is missing those awesome straps and is having to choose between the buggy and 'ole stripy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go off and do a little dance.

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