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Your eyes do not deceive you.

It has been a really long time since I last posted on here, and I hope that people can appreciate that this was down to my desire to soak up every last second of being at home with my family, especially after the rocky time we had at the end of last year.

The hardest thing, now that I am back at work all day, is knowing how to talk about everything that has happened and how different a household we are today because of it.

Since my last post I have lost a job, had a baby, had heart failure, and about a million other things that make me wonder sometimes how I’m not sitting in a corner rocking at the sheer magnitude of the life changes we have experienced.

The answer is simply that I have an amazing family and some incredible friends around me, some of which I can never find the words to thank.

I suppose the only way I am going to stop you all from being incredibly bored is by breaking the whole sorry mess down into small posts. Otherwise believe me you’ll be reading until a week Thursday and this ain’t no 50 shades of Batsford!

So I’ll start where most good stories start, at the beginning, and I’ll tell you all the story of how young Esme Simone came to join our family.

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