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This might seem like a mundane post, but to me this is a glorious moment of calm at FTC.

I have managed to pack the kids off to the other side of Europe for a WHOLE WEEK which means I have free run of the house to indulge my pregnancy whims.

Seems I have quite a few that up to now had been drowned out by the chatter of toddler, husband and other demands on my time.

Mostly I have been spoiling myself with the kind of birth preparation I did buckets of with Alfie, but have totally neglected this time. I have had early nights, pampered my skin, watched birth videos and hynobirthed my ass off.

I have even had a chance to catch up with all the incredible people I follow on Twitter and they have introduced me to a site that actually made me pump my fists.

I don’t admit that lightly.

Keith and I are both more than a little scared at the thought of having a daughter who is swamped in pink, and personally I am also rabidly adverse to my daughter being defined by the kinds of gender definition that seems to start almost from the moment of birth

But look at this site, seriously lookit, Princess Free Zone!!!
This is where I dance a little jig at knowing that there are other people who share my horror at the anti-feminist attitude of large corporations to little girls.

If you think I’m over exaggerating here, I’m not. If you want me to scare you with the numerous t shirts and toys that tell your daughter she’s too pretty to think, from before she even knows what thinking means, just ask, I’ll happily flood your mailbox until your spam filter runs away shrieking!

PS is bad that half of me wants to tell the boys to stay in Madrid another week???

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  1. Thanks so much for posting Tasha!! I love your blog. So nice to know there are moms out there who actually think about this. I'm happy you love PFZ.


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