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Sometimes there are days that you know you will always remember. They aren’t the big days, like the “where were you when ...” days, but the days when you are looking at your loved ones and everything just conspires into something so beautiful it takes your breath away.

Last weekend a group of us went out on a boat to have a picnic at Windsor. It was a replay of a trip we had all taken a few years ago when Sal was pregnant with Joe and I was pregnant with Alfie – actually at the same point I am now – and we had another amazing day enjoying the company of amazing friends.

Sitting in a field by the river, I had one of those breathtaking days watching three boys so full of the joy of life they almost glowed. There were no expensive toys, nothing really for them to do and still they spent the entire afternoon smiling and running and tumbling around.

Alfie and Dan played chase until  they were both breathless with exertion and laughing, occasionally Joe would get too close and would scamper back to the adults as the boys tried to include him in the chasing.

It was amazing to see them, three boys who don’t get to see each other half as much as they should but who adore each other, and the time they spend together.

and strawberries.  

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  1. strawberries more. No one to look at the strawberry.


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