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I must be one of the few people who was actually quite hoping for our UK summer to underachieve in its usual spectacular way.

For most of this pregnancy I have been THIRSTY and all this warm weather has just sent me over the edge. Seriously, don’t leave a drink near me, I’ll down it.

I also have a fairly common folate metabolism disorder which means I am stuck with taking folic acid (and aspirin) every day of my pregnancy. Not exactly the biggest inconvenience for the pleasure of growing a new human, but still a bit of a faff sometimes. I have bottles of tablets at home, at work and even in the car and an alarm set on my phone and yet somehow I still end up forgetting; but that’s nappy brain for you.

Anyway the point is that my troubles may be over!!

I won a competition run by a new company called Waterbaby who have produced water with folic acid and other good stuff in it. That means I will soon be getting a supply of citrusy flavoured water that means I won’t risk giving myself crippling stomach ache again when I accidentally forget and take my tablets on an empty stomach.

In the days when I was feeling like I was in a small boat in the middle of a stormy sea this would have been the perfect way to get my folic acid without running the daily gauntlet of breakfast. I’m not condoning skipping meals of course but the reality of morning sickness is that it doesn’t exactly give you an appetite.

I fully intend to install my free supply of Waterbaby in my car so that when I’m slowing char broiling on the M25 in standing traffic, I will at least have the pleasure of knowing that I am giving my little girl the goodness she needs.

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