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Warning: This post will probably make you think I'm the worst mother in the world. If so, I expect a hearty UNFOLLOW!

Yesterday we were once again abandoned by Keith, so Alfie and I arranged to go and spend some time with Tiff and her her hounds at a local beauty spot.

It's a bit shameful to admit but in the 3 years I lived near it, I never knew it existed. I wish I had because it is just the mos amazing place and I am quite gutted I no longer have it on my doorstep.

When we arrived I hurried Alfie past the ice cream van and callously sidetracked him with carved wooden creatures in the children's area.

He bought it - and I do appreciate the fact that or a few short months I can persuade him that climbing is preferable to a Zoom lolly, I doubt I will be so lucky next summer.

It did help that in this case there were other children to play with. I'm pretty sure he's pulling his best "so .... you come here often" line on her in this photo.

Not long after this we met up with Tiff and went off into the wilds of the park proper. Alfie in his buggy, the dogs running laps around us as we got out of the baking sun and into the cool of the forest.

Eventually we reached a pool where the dogs belly flopped gratefully after sticks.

Alfie thought this was a marvellous idea and knowing I had one spare t shirt, one spare nappy and a boy who loves water, I decided to strip him down to his T and shoes and for us both to go for a paddle.

It's called pragmatic parenting.

I want to say a massive thank you to Tiff for taking these photos and for letting me share them, otherwise you would only have my words instead of the following sequence that actually gave me a stitch.

c'MON mum!!
Just a bit deeper, see the Fey dog is all the way over there!
Can I sit here for a bit? I can make swirly mud shapes if I kick my feet.
I. don't. want. to. warm. up. I. am. FINE! 
See we can stand here and watch the dogs
And maybe we can do the splashing
I splash YOU!
Oh, I splash me too.
I do stick throwing too.
Stick goes down.
Stupid follow-though
I am WOES!!!
Poor me.
But tasty treat makes it better.
Yup, I am a bad, bad mother. Or maybe I'm a mum who takes an old school approach of letting my over adventurous son discover his limitations for himself - these days the two seem to be viewed as the same thing.

Sad really, whole generations of kids will miss out on impromptu skinny dipping in favour of over chlorined toddler pools. Sadder still that they will miss out on an important life lesson in cause and effect - throw stick too forcefully, get stinky pond water up nose. Fact.

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