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There is a difference between growing a beautifully formed baby bump and just plain getting fat and the line between the two is shockingly easy to blur.

The problem (are you listening Mother Nature, you unreasonable wench) is that you are pretty much incapable of doing anything more than dragging yourself through the day for the first 3 months meaning that all your good exercise habits from pre-pregnancy crash and burn and your net calorie intake increases leaving you with the inevitable outcome.

Not a recipe for a good self image.

So as soon as my first trimester exhaustion so much as looked over its shoulder to plan its strategic retreat I was up, trainers on ready to start my anti-blubber campaign. If I’m honest, I have maybe been a little too hasty because I have spent the last few nights asleep by 8.30, but I’m not going to let a little thing like that worry me.

I have decided on a two prong approach this time: Davina and running.

In actual fact this is remarkably similar to my approach pre Pip, except this is the “diet” version with far less actual effort due to the extra effort of growing a whole new person.

So predictably I chose this DVD which might be 5 years old, but is still effective. I love that the workout is broken down into lots of little sections so you can do as little or as much as you feel able to. And helpfully for me there are lots of posture checks and reminders to drink water and breathe and other vital life skills I usually forget when I concentrate on too many things at once - like combining steps and digs and toe taps and shuffle ball change and splits and jazz hands. I may have made a few of those moves up.

The running is still a future plan at the moment. Mel and I are both ex runners and have decided we’re going to go out together to see if we can kill each other. On my side, I have that I have only taken 2 months off so far and I was pretty on form before that. Mel has taken 12 months off but I have a sneaky feeling she’s still going to hand me my ass in a sling.

I have picked out a slightly challenging 2.5 mile run for next weekend so if you don’t hear from me after then, I probably didn’t make it home.

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