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As my husband has already pointed out, we have had our fair share of snowy limitations over the last few days. I am at work right now (don't worry, I'm on lunch) looking nervously out of the window at the darkening cloud.

I blame whichever bright spark made disparaging comments about it never being white at Christmas. For SHAME people, don't you know by now that the fates don't take kindly to being called out on these things? Next time you want to say something that stupid, at least wait until I'm off on holiday!!

Alfie has also now had his first experience of snow, and he has decided he will pass thank you very much.

I was holding on my hip and talking to Keith in the garden yesterday when I felt the little man shaking violently. Looking round he was flapping his hand like he was trying to take off, and making an odd squawking noise, his hand absolutely covered in snow.

I warmed his hand back up by sticking it in my mouth for as long as he would let me. That wasn't long because that would have interfered with the epic sulk he had decided to indulge in.

How is a mystery, but he has developed a killer pout recently. If I find out one of those CBeebie things is responsible, I'll be down there with a shotgun before you can say Waybaloo.

Anyway, apropos of nothing, my techy side saw this and thought it was quite funny, so I decided to share.

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