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I have just been to the supermarket to do our shopping for the festive period. Holy sweet mother of JAYSUS what is going on? Is the world ending? Are we forecast more snow with a side order of hell and damnation?

I feel SO sorry for the poor people valiantly trying to stack the shelves which the plague of locusts were stripping with double the vigour. If that were my job I think by now I would simply have wheeled the dolly into roughly the right place and stood back.

Milk seemed a particular favourite. I saw one woman with 6, yes big old bottles in her trolley. Lady if you are honestly going to get through that much moo juice before the expiry date, I would seriously consider asking Santa Claus for a cow!!

Also why do people who are clearly both off work decide that it is a good idea to drag their children to the shops with them? Do you not have the imagination to leave one of the adults at home, in the park or let's face it ANYWHERE more child friendly than a packed supermarket?

And don't say to them "I need you to be a big boy and be patient" because frankly that is NO motivation for a child to act older than his age. Hmm, my choice is not grow up and get what I want or act grown up and get ignored. Choices, choices. If you want a child to act grown up, make it the more appealing option!!

Anyway, it is all done now, and I can sit back and feel tranquil with my strangely psychic tea.

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