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My son is currently standing on his father's lap burbling and gurning and doing all the other things that make him so cute. There's only one small problem with that. It's 7:40pm and that is a clear half hour into grown up time.

You remember the subject of my last post? Course you do, I was thanking my mother for having bought my son a lovely snuggly warm thingy for his pushchair. I was commenting how much he loved sleeping in it and how cute he was.

Turns out my son has rediscovered a love of napping. For the first time in his LIFE he is sleeping twice a day in his snuggle bag without complaint.


I hit some hellish traffic on the way home and sent something helpful to Keith along the lines of "Grrrrr, traffic, hungry, ARGH"

Except less eloquent

I got a cute text back. It said "Booo. Hurry up and get home and you'll see your son asleep in his snuggle"

Awwwwwwww ........ No wait, say WHAAAAAAA?!?!??!?!

It's 4.30 man!! 4.30!!! It's 90 minutes away from bedtime!!! Is he ill? Dying??? Drugged?!?!?!

No, he's just snuggly. Do you want me to wake him up?

No. Shit. Sherlock.

So here we are, all sitting up watching a program about extreme airports and crashes. Which is fitting considering the complete crash that bedtime tonight has been.

And you can stop sniggering in the back there in Gibraltar. This is what happens when you make children warm.

I TOLD you no good would come of it!

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