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I love doing these kinds of posts, they take relatively little effort and I love, love, LOVE, taking the time to photograph the detail of our lives. Incidentally, all these photos are being taken on my phone, with an app called Vignette.

So Saturday morning alarm call from Alfie, who is very happy to indulge in a game of “Earthquakes” while daddy is downstairs making wake up drinks. In case I need to explain the game, Alfie hold onto the bedstead and we shake it while shouting “Earthquake” and he dissolves in hysterics. It is doing nothing for the stability of our already rickety bedstead. If we are too slow in starting the shaking, Alfie does it for us, using his whole body.
Morning brew for the grownups

Morning brew for t’baby, Alfie.

It’s all a bit much for some of us, who could have used a bit more sleep

But not for others who are now fuelled up and ready to go and play at MAX ZOOM!!!

While I get on with boring jobs like sorting the washing into piles. Bleugh.

Then it is time to go out on a nice long w-a-l-k with the dogs. Up the closed road to the next village

Which means there is a chance to take Harry off-lead to go for a run. Or a sit.

I love autumn and all the way up the drive the leaves are starting to collect in piles. Keith kicked them up for a few yards and it struck me how little chance people have to do that these days. Why are leaves tidied up so quickly???

After the walk we need to run into Hitchin for Keith to run an errand and I sit with Alfie in the town square to wait for him. They have a Tenor doing a street performance, and he’s not half bad. Alfie decides to sing along which is sweet, but he doesn’t know the words or the tune of Nessun Dorma so he accidentally carries on when the song ends. Klutz.

After dropping the boys back home I have to run to an NCT training session I have helped organise. It’s all about volunteering. I quite enjoyed it although I think I’m about 6 months too late in taking it!

Home for dinner. Pasta Genovese. Apparently green beans are nyom.

Time to chill in front of the fire. Harry has been feeling a bit blue recently so he’s allowed to come into the lounge to be close to us.

Alfie is teething and wakes up at 10.30 demanding drugs. Any drugs, he’s not fussy, although he is grumpy.

We decide it is too cold to leave the lounge and all snuggle up in the sofa bed for the night. Or rather the 3 hours of kip followed by the innumerable hours of screaming.

Luckily that means we are all awake to see the Moto GP. I was going to take a photo, but my eyeballs were having trouble pointing in the same direction. It also means I have time to organise them before driving to Prescott.

I can’t believe what a wintery morning it is.

Alfie offloaded into his buggy snugly thingy still complaining about his teeth. We tell him to make an official complaint to someone who he hasn’t just deprived of a nights sleep.

How lovely is this place?

We have an amazing morning there just looking around and chilling and then head back.
Apparently my son is starting early with the teenage attitude. Don’t think he took too kindly to the earlier lack of sympathy

At Beaconsfield services munching on some cereal bars. Why is it when you are sleep deprived you need to eat so much more.

And why is it that not even a full dose of Calpol Night is enough to knock my son out? Last night was almost as hideous as the night before.

When that kid is finished getting his teeth, I’m going to throw a frickin party.

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