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I haven't forgotten that I was intending to write about legendary midwives, I have just had other things to talk about recently.

Now I want to put the spotlight on a lady called Ágnes Geréb who is currently in prison in Hungary for having attended a woman who presented at her clinic in the latter stages of labour.

Rixa has put together a comprehensive and (as always) well referenced piece about her here

Birth services in the UK aren't in good shape, but by contrast we are still miles ahead of Hungary.

I often wonder why women like Ágnes, and Lisa Barrett in Aus, carry on fighting against the tide for the rights of women they will never know. I guess we don't need to know, we just need to say thank you to women who believe so passionately in these choices that they risk so much to defend them.

To Ágnes and all like her, I say a humble thank you.

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