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I normally spare you the finer details of our pillow talk (for your own protection, believe me!) but I had to record the conversation we had last night so in years to come I can chance upon it in the archives of this blog and crack up all over again.

For reasons you don't need to know, I was trying to describe an IUD (aka the coil) in ways that wouldn't gross out the kind of guy who turns grey at the merest hint of gore.

Me: So it's a bit like a plastic T, but the top is a bit bent.
Keith: OK, so how does that work then?
Me: Well there is copper wire
Keith: NO! NO! I don't want to hear about ...
Me: No WAIT, let me finish, there is copper wire wound around each of the three parts and that's what does the 'working'. It creates a hostile environment, I dunno, acidic or something that stops any eggs implanting.
Keith: *thinking* ..... so a bit like slugs then?
Me: Say what now?
Keith: Slugs. You put the copper wire round the plant pots to stop them eating the plants?
Me: Yes darling a bit like slugs. Eggs implanting, slugs, it's all the same kind of deal
Keith: Hmmm, so I have man-slugs then?

What scares me is this is the bloke who is left in charge of cooking facilities and a small child every day.

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