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Oooh this is what I love about subscribing to so many blogs, they come at you with some really cool stuff that you would never have found yourself.

This was linked from Letters to the Editor and at first sight, yeah it looks a little ‘done’, a bit Anne Geddes perhaps, but there is such a sweet story behind it, and there’s something about these photos that I really love. Perhaps it’s because I can almost see Mila’s mum Adele creeping round her putting these scenes together.

Also, knowing how hard it is to get a baby to go down and stay down now, fair play to you missus, either you are one lucky lady, or you’ve invested heavily in baby sedatives.

(Note, clearly I don’t actually think she is drugging her child to get these pictures, so don’t go getting all face sucky on me)

Anyway, this blog is awesome, it’s called Mila’s Daydreams and it is supposed to show Mila in her dreamscapes. I really love it.

Update Feb 2014: Since I first posted this, Adele has received international fame and has now published a few books of her amazing photos. She now hangs out at her new website and for my money, is a mama success story worth shouting about. Chapeau to you Adele, chapeau.

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