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Having a child who is allergic to things can be hard going at times. Like most issues in life, mostly you just get on with things, and it is amazing how quickly it becomes second nature to adapt your daily meals and put together a plate of food when out and about.

Some things stay resolutely out of reach though, and one of those things is cake. There doesn't appear a lot of latitude when your child has to steer clear of wheat, egg and dairy, unless that is you manage to find a recipe like this one from Babycakes NYC

There aren't many things that make me want to go to The States, but this is one of them.

I'm still trying to persuade my baby sister to open a tea room in Gib because she is queen of cakes (hell I'll open it and run it if she agrees to bake!!) and I think if I throw enough recipes at her, maybe she'll give in eventually.

Oh and Alfie had a dermatologist appointment yesterday and the lovely nurse clearly fell instantly and profoundly in love with my little lad, she was hugely complimentary about how well we're managing his skin, how he's growing (16 whole pounds now, although my lower back demands a re-count citing pessimistic scales) and also commented that she had rarely seen such a happy, well adjusted child and that Keith was clearly doing an amazing job of being a stay at home dad.

I don't think I really need to tell you how much I was beaming when I left the hospital, do I?

We have our first dietitian appointment on Friday - I just REALLY hope it is as positive!!

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