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And behold, there was a sling of such stripiness that all others bowed before it.
Actually don’t look at that picture for too long, your eyes will go funny and you’ll start seeing 3D palm trees or something.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I just had to go out and get some material to make a new sling to cheer myself up.

Seems like it’s a bit of a hit with Alfie because as you might just be able to see, he fell asleep in it, and not his usually daytime attempts at dozing/ gurning either, this was a full on fly catching snore fest! Also, this led to drool, hence the bib being tactfully placed between him and me.

And no, I’m not doing a bad impression of a Mary Poppins cock-er-nee, I’m sheltering Alfie’s head from drizzle while Keith did his best to capture my moment of triumph.

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