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OK so I think I might have mentioned that we seem to have accidentally stumbled into co-sleeping at the moment. Well partial co-sleeping anyway because the intention is always for Alfie to sleep in his own bed, something we've done since day 1 and which seems to work well for all of us:

Keith and I because we get enough sleep to function the next day.

Alfie because we get enough sleep to function the next day.

Recently however the little man has needed some extra cuddles day and night, due to my new most hated thing on earth – teeth. Incidentally, you have to spit that word through a clenched jaw round our house. No exceptions.

Point being, he is tending to wake in the night with sore gums wanting cuddles and back rubs in order to drop back off and in all honesty we should have cottoned onto the fact that this was most easily done if he were in the same bed with us.

Actually, we were really, REALLY slow on the uptake where co-sleeping was concerned. Light finally dawned for me at the Big Weekend when I listened to a lovely lady called Kate Evans run through this part of her book on breastfeeding. Obviously the feeding part doesn't really work for us, but the trips to soothe? The Tai Chi manoeuvres to get little person onto mattress only to have them wake back up the second your foot hits the hall carpet? See we could have ended that misery LONG ago. Clearly we are klutz.

This morning the little man woke at 4. If I had written that even a month ago it would have meant that I was sitting here typing through tears. Today though, I 'persuaded' Keith to go and collect our little squeaky toy (his new “I’m awake, come and get me” noise) and bring him in with us.

I was lying in bed with my eyes closed at the time, but I knew the exact moment Keith walked into his room because Alfie went from squeaky-toy-of-glee to chicken-shot-in-ass. In fact, by the time Keith came back to bed with our wounded chicken, I was still chuckling because all I could think about was this post from Heather at Dooce

Read on at Dooce and it might strike you that this was nervous laughter in part because Heather’s youngest daughter Marlo has developed since that post – and if Alfie is heading the same way, I'm on a one way flight to Rio ASAP!

Anyway, into bed he came, and sure enough the problem was his teefs. A dose of Rescue Remedy and teething gel later and guess what, we were all snuggled up together catching a few more Zzzs. Absolute and total bliss. Is there anything more lovely than early morning cuddles nuzzled into a sweet smelling baby and a gorgeous hubby?

I think not.

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