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Well yesterday was my first Mothers’ Day as a mum, and it was absolutely wonderful. My four month old son somehow managed to make me a card and a gift (a collage of photos of my race car with my 10 second timing ticket which I LOVE!!) ably assisted by his father who added his own sentiments. In all honesty, I struggled to hold back the tears, but then that’s nothing new for me, I cry at anything with even the merest wafer thin veneer of emotion these days.

I blame hormones.

We didn't really do much to celebrate the day either, not in the conventional sense of Doing Something.

What we passed our time doing was giving Alfie his first try at a sippy cup, and discovering how many different noises a baby belly can make when attacked by raspberrying lips.

I hope I can get the video of Alfie with the sippy cup on here soon (technical challenges notwithstanding) because the entire experience had me in hysterics. It provided conclusive evidence of just how impatient that little boy can be. We’re talking full on hissy fit here, so hissy in fact that he tried to bite through the mouthpiece in frustration when he couldn't get his milk to come out.

Anyway, the point of this post, I just wanted to give a big old cyber hug to mums everywhere. For those struggling with the loss of a child, or a mum, who are wishing there were a mum, or struggling with being a mum, and for those just plum enjoying being a mum, here’s to us.

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