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After being so close for so long, Keith and I finally took some time out this weekend to finish the last few little bits of tidying in Alfie's room. Silly little things like unwrapping the mattress and fitting the sheet, putting batteries in the baby monitor, that sort of thing.

We also bought a few classics to add to the bookshelf - Spot, The Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo are all now ready and waiting to be read aloud. In fact one of them is already being read to the bump, and I'm not sure how Alfie feels about his dad's rendition of The Gruffalo, but it's going down a storm with me.

Speaking of reading, this is my favourite part of Alfie's room, a Freecycle bookshelf filled with a mixture of toys and old favourite books.

I'm probably dreaming that he'll be as much of a bookworm as I was, but I'm pretty sure Keith is going to instill a love of stories in the little man ... as long as they come complete with silly voices of course.

The changing station and armchair are all ready to deal with feeding and the inevitable results. I think I've been especially spoiled by these Freecycle finds although the changing station is now groaning under the weight of clothes.

Best of all, I have a wonderful view whilst feeding Alfie now that Curious George is finished.

Oooh and in other news, the lass at my NCT class who was due the same day as me gave birth this weekend. It was a wonderful surprise, but a bit of a shock and just another reminder that this abstract concept of giving birth and being a parent is fast moving into the realm of reality.

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