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We were booked in to have our “Homecheck” with our midwife at the weekend which, from what I can gather, varies from a straight up risk assessment to a general discussion on the perils of homebirth, depending on the individual bent of the midwives involved. Curious that something so universally required seems to be subject to so much variation.

Anyway, I digress, we were supposed to have our meeting, despite having warned them that we are in the middle of building works. As luck would have it though, the midwives were otherwise detained, first because Saturday seemed to generate a flurry of labouring women and Sunday because the delivery suite at the local hospital decided to come down short staffed and pulled the available midwives in to help.

Curious too that “staff shortages” can mean pressure to give up your homebirth, but not the other way round.

I’m still waiting for a call to reschedule the visit, which frankly I’m not eager to chase right now seeing as we might even make it as far as a complete bathroom if I play my cards right!!

Last night was our second NCT session, and it was no less enjoyable than the first. If any of you are familiar with Friends and remember the episode when Monica takes a cookery class you might get some idea of what I’m like for those two hours a week. I am constantly fighting my inner Monica.

I love it though: I love finally being given license to be a baby bore. I love that there is someone out there who has read more than me and is eager to talk about it, who challenges my assumptions and decisions in a way that makes me really think about what I want. I think we've really lucked out with our tutor, because she is so quiet and gentle with what she says the information almost seems to insinuate itself into your mind, rather than feeling you’re being beaten roundly about the head with it, as is so often the case with these things.

We have some homework this week, Keith and I have to write about the pros and cons of Pethedine/ Morphine as pain relief in birth and we were even specifically told that we are only to produce a scrappy list, and not some epic Powerpoint presentation.

Perhaps my inner Monica is not as hidden as I would like to believe.

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