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Keith and I did something incredibly exciting yesterday, we bought Alfie’s nappies.

And in that one sentence, and the consideration thereof, lies the realisation of what my life has become.
As I mentioned some time ago, Keith and I agreed that we were going to use washable nappies with Alfie, and when I found out I got a free £190 from the government I decided that it would be used to pay for the nappy kit. Then I found out our council does £25 cashback to those who invest in washable nappies and it seemed foolish not to invest!

So yesterday morning, clutching my well thumbed catalogue, we jumped in the car and drove the hour to Ivinghoe to Little Green Earthlets. It isn't an exaggeration to say that I had butterflies in my tummy, or that Keith had the slightly weary look of a man indulging his pregnant wife against his better judgement. He was there though, and that in itself meant a lot to me, even if it was only because as I pointed out, if he chose not to come along, and then couldn't get on with these nappies, he had nobody to blame but himself.

The man at the shop was lovely, especially considering I walked in and demanded he explain the world of washable nappies to me. He took me through the options and demonstrated a few different models (not on himself I hasten to add) and answered a whole raft of questions, much to my glee and Keith’s rising boredom. It was clear that he couldn't give a monkey’s what the relative benefits of bamboo Vs cotton were once we’d established the basics of how the poppers worked and picked the designs of the waterproof covers.

I forged on regardless, and a short time later we emerged an order form for a full time kit to be delivered with all haste only to discover that the flat tyre we had picked up on the journey over was not going to be easily fixed and that we were essentially in for a long haul of being stranded in the arse end of nowhere.
I’ll spare you the highly uninteresting details of how we resolved that one (except to say THANK YOU HEN) and instead reflect on the fact that out of such SNAFUs come moments of great happiness.

In search of something to while away the time until our knight in shining armour arrived, we went to the local garden shed/ post office, bought some drinks and biscuits and went over to the village green where we commandeered the two person swing and spent an amazing hour talking things over, mainly about us and Alfie. It was one of those times that you just don’t get until you are forced to stop real life for a while, and it was so unexpected, but so special, I could have stayed there all day.

And then we got home and the dog had peed in the hallway, which I suppose is a great illustration that Karma doesn't let you get it all your own way.

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