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It felt impossible a few months ago, and still a million miles away a few weeks ago, but I have finally reached 32 weeks, or I suppose more accurately Alfie has, I reckon I might have hit this particular milestone a few decades ago.

Keith and I have been spending more time talking about what life will be like once Alfie is here, and I have also now reached a point where I want us to spend as much time together as we can before he arrives. Call me selfish, but the way I see it, after this weekend, we have a few short weeks until it is never just the two of us ever again (god willing) and I don't want to share that time with anyone.

In other 32 week news, I now have a further addition to the My Bump Is Too Big To ...” list, which can be found here. I won't repeat myself, it was shameful enough writing about it the first time.

In celebration of reaching this momentous milestone, where Alfie now has a 95% chance of surviving whenever he decides to put in an appearance, I have today taken my first Raspberry Leaf capsule.

A slightly trepedatious moment as these things are designed to tone up your uterus in order to make labour more efficient, and Lord knows I don't want them to be so efficient I'm crossing my legs for the next few weeks!! It all seems to be relatively quiet on that front though, despite having to suffer Braxton Hicks in my back for the last few weeks.

You wanted to see Keith's face when I explained what Braxton Hicks were ... "You're having practise contractions?!?! ... What, NOW??!?! Oh how I wish I'd had a camera at that moment!!

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