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Alfie received a gift in the post this week of a much coveted Tricotti sling. It was from his doting Auntie Ammie and of course involved Keith ripping the parcel open while I was at work to try it on.

Tri-cotti pouch sling for baby wearing

I actually suggested he do this because these slings are listed under women’s dress sizes and I had to take something of a punt at what a man of his build would require to when donning a dress. Turns out it’s pretty much the same size as me, which is disconcerting on so many levels I’m not even sure where to start.

Anyway, faced with two bands of jersey material and an instruction booklet, Keith did as most men would and ignored the booklet. He called me some 15 minutes later to inform me that he couldn’t work out how to drive the sling. Oh, and that he had then asked Harry for advice and he didn’t know either. Unsurprising for a dog really.

When I got home I did what any sensible person would do and got my lovely old fashioned teddy (which you might remember as the one Harry curled up with on our bed in this post) and tried the sling on for myself.

With the help of the Book of Truth I had ted curled up in the foetal position in under a minute, and when Keith came home, I helped him into it. Seriously, this is the simplest carrying contraption since Adam said “tired feet Eve my love? Just hop on my back and I’ll carry you home”, I would recommend it to anyone who’s in the market.

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