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I've been holding off making this post because my hormones have finally caught up with me this week and I have been a bit of a mess, crying at pretty much anything and everything, which has not helped my levels of hydration in this weather!!

One of the things most likely to make me cry at the moment is the thought that our little boy is now in his 24th week. And before you raise an eyebrow, and nail a slightly worried look on your face, please remember, 24 weeks is considered the week of viability. In other words, should Alfie decide to come now, or any time hence, he has a very good chance of living.

Of course I'm not planning on giving birth just yet, but it is a real "smack-you-in-the-chops" moment when you realise that from here on in (God willing) you are actually going to be a parent. I have even started being able to visualise the labour and birth now, which I have never really been able to do before.

I suppose that has been helped by the fact that I took delivery of my birth pool this week!! I am more than slightly excited about this fact, and only just managed to resist the urge to unpack it on the spot. Keith was also uncommonly excited about the arrival of the pool, until he admitted his real interest lay in "borrowing" the pool to take down to Bill's house to use as a paddling pool in the back garden. Luckily for him I'm too hot to express any extremes of emotion at the moment (except crying) and he got away with a raised eyebrow and a head shake.

The most important thing I have to do with this post however, is to introduce you to Alfie's best gift so far. This is Little Boy Blue. The reason he is the most treasured toy in the shop is because he was knitted for us by my baby sister Mich, who did the most amazing job, especially considering she has never so much as picked up a pair of knitting needles before now!!! What she doesn't realise is that she has now signed herself up for knitting duty for the next 20 years, because what the point of having a child if you can't cackle with amusement on Christmas morning when they open some kaleidoscopic horror from a relative? Anyone with any especially eye watering jumper patterns, please feel free to send them over!!!

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