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Last weekend we took a trip to Maldon for Bill's 30th birthday. As befitted the weather and the occasion we spent a lot of time out and about and down by the sea. Bill had spotted a fantastic spot for catching bass and obviously Keith was anxious to try it out for size. I decided that I might as well join them for the purposes of capturing triumphal moments, and generally lazing in the sun.

This idea did not however take into account two important aspects:

1. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and my body is now having to work that little bit harder

2. Sea breezes are deceptive in their cooling abilities.

So despite the fact that I was crawling along, I managed to give myself the first in a series of funny spells which required me to kneel on the ground, kick me shoes out, stick my arms out like chicken wings and breathe calmly until my poor body eased itself back down from near boiling point.

I was shocked if I'm honest, I really didn't see it coming. I've never had a funny spell like that before and the conditions, while nice and toasty, were nowhere near the sun baked temperatures I would have expected to cause my internal thermostat to wave the white flag.

Even more surprising are the two other funny turns I've had since. One while sauntering along the water front the day after, and one yesterday after climbing the stairs with an armful of washing.

I'm nothing if not indignant at this latest development which seems to be telling me that despite doing only a fraction of my usual activity, I'm still doing too much. 

Lesson learned, I shall be taking it easier from here on in.

Oh, the other piece of news is that Alfie has found a new game. It's called "Let's trampoline on Mummy's cervix" and being honest, it's not my favourite of the little ankle biter's repertoire.

Imagine if you will, a dramatic scene where some poor soul has fallen through some ice and someone is stamping on the ice trying to break through it to save their life. Now imagine that ice is my cervix and you might have an idea of how it feels. It was a bit of a shock the first time I felt it, but after a few searches on the web I found out I wasn't alone, which was reassuring.

Luckily it isn't a common pass time, unluckily, Alfie appears to have impeccable timing. I was giving a training session in our video conferencing room yesterday when it occurred to me that my voice was uncommonly high and squeaky. Shortly afterwards it dawned on me that the reason for my Beaker impression was because Alfie had started his little clog dance again. I will state the obvious here, but it is not easy to train people in a calm and professional manner when all you can think about is the clip-clippety-clop on your stairs!!!

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