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It appears I no longer have to wait until all is quiet to feel the daily workout of our little ankle biter and I get the feeling things will never be quite the same again.

I was in a meeting the other day when out of the blue, Maybe delivered the most god almighty WHACK to my insides. It wasn't something else (a bout of indigestion or a stray woodpecker for example) it was 100% kick, and it actually weirded me out a little bit.

I try not to think about these things too deeply, but if there is one thing that is going to take a little getting used to, it is the thought of an independent being using my insides as a playground. I'm not sure how other mothers have dealt with this issue, and I'd quite like to know, because surely I'm not the only one to think that the whole concept is just the teensiest bit odd.

In other odd news, Keith has once again managed to totally blindside me by rejecting my "eco disposable" choice for poop collection and opting instead for washables - yes folks you heard me, the man of the house doesn't want to throw the nappies away, he would rather scrape and wash. You heard it here first.

Turns out it has nothing to do with eco credentials, but more to do with the fact that it costs £2,000 to put a baby in disposable nappies and only £300 to use washables. You take the victories where you can though so we're going to visit Little Green Earthlets soon to buy a starter kit, and potenitally half the other things they sell if I get my way!!

Oh and not that we're looking forward to it or anything, but only 24 sleeps until the next scan!!!

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