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This week has been slightly smoother sailing in terms of pregnancy symptoms, which isn't a bad thing as I think both Keith and I were in need of some peace.

We did however have a wonderful moment yesterday which I'd like to share - we heard Maybe's heartbeat for the first time.

I had quite an uneventful midwife visit in which I was told that I'm not anaemic and not diabetic, and then they had a go at listening in to the baby, even though it was a little early. I did promise the student I wouldn't get hysterical if she couldn't find the heartbeat and really, I was just enjoying a nice lie down after my hectic morning.

The student skirted round my tummy for a while, and we thought we heard something so the midwife took over, and sure enough, a few seconds later, there it was, loud and strong and regular as clockwork.

It was pretty cool. More so I think than seeing Maybe on screen, perhaps because this time I wasn't totally preoccupied by how much my bladder was killing me!!

And right at the end of the appointment we even touched on the subject of homebirth again - and it all still seems positive!! There was talk of getting me the Bedford on call number, and coming to see the house after 30 weeks, so I left well and truly happy!!

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