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I did a test the other day, and it came back positive.

There's a bit more to it than that, of course, but I thought I would write this post in a slightly pulp fiction-esque style, mainly because I'm so tired and have the brain power of a wet towel.

Not "I've had a bit of a late night, I might need a few winks this evening" but so totally exhausted that I can barely summon up the energy to type. Nobody told me about that, well they did, but I didn't listen.

Anyway, I knew last Friday (13th) but for reasons I won't go into, I didn't do a test. I don't mean I had any clear indication of course, but I just knew in the way that I was told women often do. If I had to write a list of symptoms and clues as to how I knew, I just couldn't, but I did.

So come Tuesday I decided it was possibly time to make sure I hadn't finally gone entirely stark raving tonto and bought a cheap double pack of Boots finest. I was then faced with a very unusual case of stage fright and even before the "yes you've done it right you muppet, if you can't pee on a stick correctly what hope do you have of looking after a sprog" indicator had changed I was already making mental excuses about why I needed to wait until tomorrow to do another test.

I think I got about halfway through the first excuse when the second line started to appear. I often wonder what people's reactions are at moments like that, because I suppose one imagines that they are filled with turtle doves and champagne corks popping and leaping into your loved one's arms. In my case, I was in the middle cubicle of the work loos and my reaction was succinct:
"Bloody Hell"
I took a photo with my phone and sent a photo to Keith, who's reaction was not to race down to my office and sweep me off my feet, it was more of the stunned silence ilk.

Useless boy.

So, a quick calculation tells me that I am currently 5 weeks pregnant, and on a constant voyage of hormonal discovery.

Today's lesson was: Crying.

I was listening to Foxboro' Hot-tubs on the way to work: For those who don't know, it is an awesome side project by the mighty Green Day and nothing in the slightest bit emotional. Except to me it appears because I was absolutely streaming!!! No clue why. Just was.

I'm still carrying the rose quartz in my pocket and I think I will for the remaining 8 months - just to be on the safe side of course.

And as for the rest, well, I'll let you know all breaking news as it happens!!

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